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Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association


Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association (LSCMA) was established in 1994, which is a nonprofit social organization with features such as being established early, performing in a large scale and having complete function, and providing high authoritative and professional services.

Along with the rise of Shenzhen modern logistics industry and transformation to supply chain service, LSCMA grows faster and stronger. The membership is made up of logistics industry, manufacturing industry, financial industry, IT industry, law institutes, scientific research institutes, universities and colleges etc. The majority of members are from Shenzhen and Pearl River Delta, with others from cities and provinces all over the country, as well as Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. LSCMA currently has around 1000 members, along with its regional, professional branches and committees includes the Intelligent Logistics Equipment and Technology Branch Association, Road Transport and Logistics Park Branch Association, Cross-Border E-commerce Supply Chain Service Association, Rail-water Transport & Cross-border Transportation Branch Association, The Belt & Road Supply Chain Innovation Center, Cold Chain Logistics Industry Branch Association. The secretariat has over 70 staff, which is consist of functional department as Administration Department, Membership Department, International Department, Commerce Department, External Affairs Department, Exhibition Center, Media Center and two independent legal entity, i.e. Shenzhen Modern Supply Chain Management Research Institute and Shenzhen Logistics Industry Win-win Foundation, as well as Guangzhou Branch, Tianjin Branch, Chongqing Branch and 13 Global Agencies in U.K, France, Australia, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, The Baltic States & CIS, Lithuania, North Korea, India, Indonesia and Nigeria to support all the organizational work and build platforms through power cohesion of different parties.



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