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Baoan Industry Development Expo is Expecting You

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In recent years, business tycoons disclose that China is now facing severe economic situation. However, difficulty is always accompanied with opportunities. Only those companies that seize opportunities and make their ways upstream can survive and make legend in industry. Now the opportunities have come over unannounced.

    The 2016 Baoan Industry Development Expo (hereafter referred to as B-expo), hosted by People’s Government of Shenzhen Baoan District, is designed to create "an overall impression and top event" to display the industry development achievement, future planning, preponderant enterprises and featured products of Baoan, which will further promote Baoan Image of industry district, improve brand popularity and product reputation of Baoan and attract more competitive companies and top-level talents to gather together for Baoan's development. The expo is aimed to help create an industry city with forceful innovation, distinctive industry features and scale enterprise assembling. The grand meeting will start from July 28-30, 2016 at hall 1 of Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. It covers an exhibition area of 30,000 m2, which is divided into 15 functional areas of all walks of life. You can certainly find one that suits.

Since the news conference of “B-expo” on  April 25 till now, about 200 companies have signed up for the great event. Booths are on the decrease and time waits no man. The time is ripe and our platform is ready for you.

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