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Exhibition Area Introduction

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In order to comprehensively display the features of Baoan industry, the Baoan Industry Development Expo is designed to build an exhibition hall with total area of 30,000 m2. Inside the exhibition hall, there are 15 functional areas, which cover multiple high-tech and futuristic exhibition items such as smart home, smart wearing, new energy and new material and scientific and technological innovation.




Baoan Image  Area

Present and promote key industry projects, technological innovation achievement and pioneer parks of Baoan District.


Special Exhibition Area of Smart Baoan

Display the four platforms of "Smart Government Administration, Smart Management, Smart Service , Smart Industry" and the Smart City Application System.


Urban Renewal Development Area

Exhibit the overall development layout of "three-belt, two-center, two-region and one-valley" of  Baoan.


Technological Innovation Area

Display the original scientific research and technological innovation achievement of Baoan.


New Generation IT Industry Area

Hightlight the electronic products representing the highest level of Baoan.


Intelligent Manufacturing & High-end Equipment Manufacturing Area

There will be UAV and 3D printer, unmanned factory and industrial robot display and humanoid robot demonstration on site.


New Material and New Energy Area

Display the new material and new energy and exhibit the green production way, green lifestyle and green consumption way.


Culture Creativity Area

Show the cultural trait of Baoan, the latest achievement in industrial design, multiple possibilities of integration between traditional and modern culture element and printing and packing product and technology.


Education Industry Area

Comprehensively show the soft power and competitiveness of Baoan.


Chinese Medicine & Massive Health Area

Exhibit the five centers of Chinese Medicine Health Service Center of Baoan District, Education of Science and Technology, Cultural Transmission, Big Data and Industry, etc.


Modern Service Industry Area

Exhibit application service of fiance, logistics, E-commerce, etc.


Smart Home Area

Display items of smart home representing Baoan's feature.


Modern Agricultural Area.

Show the competitive agricultural, foresty and fishery products, green health food and gardening



Longchuan Industry Area

Highlight leading industries of Shenzhen Baoan (Longchuan).


Product Launch Area

Specially used for exhibitors to hold press conferences, product launch, technology seminar or business negotiation.

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