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First Shot of the B-Expo: Sourcing Event; Joining of Well-known Intelligent Industries

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The Baoan Industry Development Expo (hereafter referred to as B-expo), held by People's Government of Shenzhen Baoan District, will start on July 28-30, 2016, at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. There will be 15 function exhibition areas and a number of forums and activities to display the industry development achievement, advanced image, future planning, competitive industries and featured products of Baoan. It focuses on forging a new Baoan industry showcase, establishing a Baoan industry new highland image, expanding economic and trading exchanges between Baoan and domestic and overseas markets and further improving the international popularity and reputation of "Made in Baoan". The expo is aimed at attracting more high-quality enterprises to settle down in Baoan to create "Coastal Baoan, Famous Industry City and Dynamic Region".

To provide a better service to exhibitors and purchasers and help them to exploit market, integrate sources and achieve a win-win cooperation, Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association, the organizer of the B-expo, will hold several sourcing events during the expo. Among which, the Special Session Sourcing Event, co-held by Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association (LSCMA) and Mobile Purchasing Alliance (MPA) will begin at 10:00-12:00 am, July 30.

The purchasers organized by MPA and the exhibitors organizers organized by LSCMA will have one2one negotiation at the sourcing events. Hundreds of famous purchasing enterprises will show up at the B-expo, including Lenovo Group, Changhong, Newsday, Beijing Guangnian, INTEX (the third largest Indian Mobile Phone operator), LAVA (the second largest Indian mobile phone operator), Micromax (the largest Indian mobile phone operator), etc. The purchasers mainly specialize in finished cell phone, VR, robot, etc., and their demands include mobile phone electro acoustic device, TP, LCD, packaging material, charger, headset, VR supporting supplier resources, etc.

As the People's Government of Shenzhen Baoan District attached great importance to the B-Expo, LSCMA and MPA have made thorough plan and preparation and strive to help all exhibitors and purchasers to have big gains and achieve their goals of win-win cooperation, business development and purchasing and selling.

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