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Successful ending of Baoan Industry Development Expo 2018

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On July 28, the Baoan Industry Development Expo 2018, which lasted 3 days, ended at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. During the 2018 B-Expo, exciting activities were held with great popularity and has gained fruitful achievements. Covering a total area of 37,500 square meters, the exhibition is divided into two major theme areas, the Baoan Image Hall and the Baoan Intelligent Manufacturing Hall, to fully display the overall economic and social development and the high-quality business environment of Bao’an district with emphasis on scientific and technological innovation achievements from high-quality enterprises of Baoan Intelligent Manufacturing.

    The 2018 B-Expo is hosted by People's Government of Shenzhen Bao’an District and organized by Shenzhen Bao’an District Bureau of Economic Promotion and Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association under the theme of "Core of the Great Bay Area, The Highland of Intelligent Innovation, A Shared Home". The B-Expo consists of two exhibition halls and 28 exhibition areas, attracting 408 leading enterprises and high-end manufacturing enterprises in Bao’an district to participate.

31 Major Projects were Signed and Settled in Baoan

Two signing ceremonies of major projects named "Attracting Large, Excellent and Good Enterprises" were held during the 2018 B-Expo. Witnessed by leaders of Shenzhen Municipal Government, Bao’an District Government, Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee and Invest Shenzhen, 31 projects were signed in the two signing ceremonies with the total agreed investment valued at 76.06 billion yuan. These include 8 industrial projects, 4 industrial guidance fund projects, 3 urban renewal projects and 16 major street industrial projects, led by Apostle from Silicon Valley, SF Holdings and Oceanalpha, covering fields includes life and health, new materials, internet and intelligence manufacturing. With the large investment and wide range of fields covered, these projects will inject new vitality into Baoan's development.

Interconnected Exhibition Mode with 28 Exhibition areas and 12 Parallel Sessions

    Focusing closely on the theme of "Core of the Great Bay Area, The Highland of Intelligent Innovation, A Shared Home", the overall plan of the 2018 B-Expo was carefully designed with a rational layout and highlights on its unique features. Exhibition Hall No.1 is Baoan Intelligence Manufacturing Hall, focusing on displaying the industrial system of Baoan and "Baoan Intelligence Manufacturing" in the new era. Hall No.1 is divided into 16 exhibition areas, including Sino-German Cooperation Demonstration Area, Intelligence Manufacturing Area, Electronic Information Area, New Material and New Energy Area, Artificial Intelligence Area, Aerospace Industry Area and other exhibition areas. Exhibition Hall No.6 is Baoan image Hall, focusing on displaying the soft environment for social development such as government service, scientific and technological innovation, construction of Party, health care and education with highlights on the achievements of shared home construction. There are 12 image exhibition areas in Hall No.6, including Party Construction and Service Area, Media Area, Financial Industry Area, Science and Technology Innovation Area and other exhibition areas. The two halls were interconnected together to full display the social development and reform and innovation achievements of Baoan in the new era. The various exhibition areas not only reflected the achievements of Baoan's traditional advantageous industries in building a modern industrial system driven by innovation, but also reflected Baoan's active cultivation of strategic emerging industries and future industries and the latest progress in the integration of the new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence, big data and other cutting-edge technologies with Baoan's economic transformation, upgrading and development.

At the same time, in addition to the main exhibition hall, 12 parallel sessions were held in ten streets of Bao'an district, which included Xin'an, Fuhai, Shajing, Yanluo, Xinqiao, Shiyan, Hangcheng, Jiahong International Luxury Auto Expo center in Xixiang, YEM Global Hotel Culture Industrial Park, Meiying Zhihui Port in Fuyong, Songgang street and Songgang Amber. A series of activities were held to display uniques features and advantages of industrial parks in these streets and further enrich the content of the main exhibition. The 12 parallel sessions were interconnected with the main exhibition hall to display the solid industrial foundation and complete industrial system of Baoan. Through this "1 + n" interconnected exhibition mode, the soft power and hard strength of Baoan are demonstrated in an all-round and multi-dimensional way, highlighting the unique features of new Baoan in the new era.

Forum Focusing on Industry difficulties

Era of Bay Area - Bao'an Industry Transformation and Upgrading Summit Forum--- Dr. Michael Borchman, Former Director General for European and International Affairs in the State Chancellery of Hesse, Germany and Senior Adviser Germany of CIIPA; Wei Jigang, Director of Research Office of Research Department of Industrial Economy of Development Research Center of the State Council of the People's Republic of China; Mr. Arkin Pariltan, Deputy General Manager of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG Greater China; Chen Liang, General Manager of China Department of Barkawi Management&Consulting Co., Ltd.; and Song Xuewu, Haier Group Global Service Director attend this forum and discuss together the challenges and opportunities faced by Baoan in the new era of Great Bay Area including Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.

Industry 4.0 Conference on Electronics Manufacturing---Mr. Eric Tomasman, Manager & Senior Researcher of three-dimensional optical detection research project, Germany Fraunhofer Industry Automation Research InstituteDr. Wei Wei, Dean of Robotation Academy Foshan; Han Fuxue, Asia Product Application Manager of Harting; Qian Long, District Sale Manager of Staubli; Ma Bo, Marketing Manager of Jaten Robot; and Li Weigang, International Account Director of Lenze have attended this conference to share their insights about the electronics manufacturing industry.

Colorful Activities

In order to provide an one-stop solution for needs of enterprises such as seeking customers, expanding markets, raising funds, seeking supplies, learning experiences, displaying images, building brands, attracting talents, finding new technologies, and establishing contacts, a series of high-efficiency activities were designed by the organizing Committee of the B-Expo on the basis of industrial development and characteristics of enterprises in Baoan, which have won unanimous praise from exhibitors and viewers. In order to make the best use of this platform, 97 professional and efficient series of thematic activities were held on the B-Expo, 40 of which were held in the main exhibition hall and 57 of which were held in parallel sessions. These activities provided more presentation and communication opportunities for enterprises. At the same time, several special salons with different themes were held to discuss the future development path of different industries.

Today, the Award Ceremony of the Baoan Industry Development Expo 2018 was held on the main stage of Exhibition Hall No.6. Zheng Yanling, Secretary General of Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association, delivered a speech for the award ceremony. In order to commend and publicize outstanding enterprises in Bao’an district, affirm and praise efforts and contributions made by enterprises for industrial development and actively encourage enterprises to go deep into the market and gain a firm foothold in the world, the organizing Committee of the B-Expo has specially established 4 Awards, including 10 Top Quality Products, 10 Top Growing Enterprise, 10 Top Innovative Enterprise and 10 Top Brand Enterprise. It took more than one month for online evaluation and experts evaluation after enterprises signed up. Up to 5: 00 p.m. on July 25, 2018, more than 240,000 people had forwarded this evaluation and the number of valid votes reached 2.53 million.

The success of the 2018 B-Expo depends on the support and guidance of Shenzhen Municipal Committee and Bao’an District Committee and the planning and organization of the Organizing Committee of the Baoan Industrial Development Expo. The 2018 B-Expo displayed achievements of enterprises in a comprehensive way with highlights. With its colorful and interesting activities, the great amount of resources and efficient matchmaking events, the B-Expo will truly become a comprehensive service platform for domestic and foreign industries to communicate and cooperate for win-win results.

Looking forward to the 2019 B-Expo, B-Expo will never end.

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