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Meet the Grand Meeting of Baoan Industry Development Expo in July

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The press conference of 2016 Baoan Industry Development Expo (hereafter referred to as B-Expo) was held in Baoan District yesterday. According to the press conference, the grand B-Expo with total exhibition area of 30,000 m2 will start from July 28 to 30 in hall 1 in Shenzhen Exhibition Center. Hosted by People’s Government of Shenzhen Baoan District, the B-Expo aims at the goal of “overall display of Baoan industry development and top event” to exhibit Baoan’s achievement in industry development, future planning, competitive industries and featured products. The expo will further improve Baoan’s image of industry district and help promote the brand popularity and product reputation of Baoan industry, which will attract more superior companies and talents to gather in Baoan to build an industry city with features of forceful innovation, distinctive industry characteristics, and enterprises assembling.

  The expo contains 15 exhibition areas:Baoan Image, Smart Baoan, Urban Renewal Development, New Generation of IT Industry, Intelligent Manufacturing and High-end Equipment Manufacturing, New Materials and New Energy, Culture Creativity, Education Industry, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Massive Health, Modern Service Industry, Smart Home, Modern Agriculture, Longchuan Industry and Product Launch.

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