BanAn Expo

B-Expo Profile

Baoan Industry Development Expo (B-Expo), held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Sponsored by the  People's Government of Bao'an District, Shenzhen, organized by Economic Promotion Bureau of Bao'an District, Shenzhen and Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association, adhering to the principle of "the government organizes conferences, enterprises organize exhibitions, market-oriented operation", positioned as a "specialized, market-oriented, international and branded" exhibition and revolving around the theme of "Coastal Bao'an, the industry hub and the dynamic region", the exhibition presents a complete picture of the modern and international Coastal Bao'an, the well-known quality and innovation-oriented industrial city and the business friendly and livable dynamic region,by shining a spotlight on key industries and enterprises that lead and support "the quality of Shenzhen and intelligence manufacturing in Bao'an".


II.  Overall Review of B-Expo 2018

37,500 of exhibition area and 405 brand enterprises

221,000 visits from 58 regions and states

28 image and function exhibition areas

12 sub-venues set up by subdistrict offices of Bao'an District

97 meetings and events




III.  B-Expo 2019 will Witness


  Powerful Platform—Attraction to Enterprises Worldwide and Sustainable Industry Development

The B-Expo 2019 is expected to receive about 400 exhibiting companies and more than 160,000 visits. Numerous brilliant summit forum, enterprises products release, augmented reality salon, theme exchange meetings, etc., will be held at the same time.


Interaction of 5 Exhibition Areas —Co-Development of Enterprises in all Districts

Bao'an Image

Sino-German Cooperation Demonstration Area

Bao’an Manufacturing High Quality Development Practice Area

Emerging Industry Area

High-end Service Industry Area











Previous Exhibitors from different industries (part and listed in no particular order)

Sino-German cooperation demonstration



Intelligent manufacturing

Taikan machine, JT Automation Equipment, HITOP, ZOWEE


Electronic information



New material & new energy

AIE, Chief Zhidou New Energy Automobile Sales, JW-INNOVA, GOLDSTONE


Artificial intelligence

BONA Robot, Standard-robots, Oglass, Emdoor


 Aviation & aerospace

China Communication Technology, APSTAR, AEE, MMC, Manta


Science & technology

MARTUBE, Aftershokz, Jingmin Digital Machine, Magicsee


Laser technology & equipment

Han's Laser, DNE Laser, Maxphotonics, Super Scan, Hero-Laser


Big data industry

Cloudic, JinXuSheng Electronic, UTEK, Molmc


Marine industry

Oceanalph, Jingyanda, UMEOX, Shuiwanyuanyang


Health science & technology

SALUBRIS, Bioeasy Biotechnology, CHK, Jiatai, Tongan, ANKE


Cultural and creative

Creative Investment, Dingjunshan, Zombiescat, Lanmaojunxiang, YUTO



Pragmatically First—High-end Forum Provide a Global Thought Feast

Summit Forum: The Third Baoan Industry Transformation and Upgrading Summit Forum


  Unusually Brilliant—A Display Platform Created by Series of Concurrent Activities

Era of Bay Area - Bao'an Industry Transformation and Upgrading Summit Forum

  Intellectual Manufacturing Technology Innovation Salon

  Artificial Intelligence Application Exchange Meeting

  AR Technology Salon

  Bao'an Intelligent Manufacturing Export Products Selection Conference 

  High-tech project financing roadshow

  Important Projects Signing Ceremony

  New Products & Technologies Launch

  Bao’an District Famous Enterprise Recruitment Fair

  “Praise for B-expo”----the most popular product selection activity




Four Highlights

Internationalization: enterprises and professional visitors from the world focus on Bao’an and Bao’ an embrace the world

Professionalization: wonderful exhibition areas with different function shine brilliantly, highlighting intelligence feature, with more than 50 related activities such as summit forums, salons, exchange meeting, talent carnival etc. join effort to present the grand event

Branding: highest attention from media at home and abroad, promote Bao’ an Brand to the world.

Marketization: numerous important projects settle in Baoan District, more funds, talents and skills will be attracted to Bao’ an.


Global Promotion—Omni-Directional and Multi-Perspectives Publicity

Full promotions on domestic and international exhibitions and professional forums

 Continuously report by mass media such as newspapers, magazines, radios and TV

Advertisements on websites such as Sohu, Sina, Tencent, Net Ease and IFENG

Promotions by social communicative platform including BBS, Tieba, Tianya, LinkedIn etc.

Advertisements on metro station, bus body, bus stop, taxi, airport, port, highway billboard

Promotions by cooperative medias and agencies from home and abroad

Direct mails including exhibition materials are sent to 500,000 industry related enterprises

Exquisite Invitation letters are sent to every exhibitor, which will help to make advertisements on social communicative platform

Promotions by national logistics industry association alliance and its member

Comprehensive report of special activities from mainstream media

Online video broadcast by famous and professional websites

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