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2019 Shenzhen expo - B-Expo

As one of the frontiers of China’s Reform and Opening up Initiative, after 40 years of rapid development, Bao’an has built a solid industrial base, a strong industrial support, and an open economic structure. This year's State Council's Government Work Report proposed the implementation of the Great Bay Area (cities of Guangdong province, Hong Kong and Macao) development planning outline, and comprehensive promotion of mutually beneficial cooperation between the mainland and Hong Kong as well as Macao. With the rise of the Great Bay Area and the formation of the City Group( Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Dongguan and Huizhou), Bao’an will usher in great development opportunities once again. In the new era, the Bao’an District Committee and District Government has changed developing strategies with situation and trend at hand to raise the development of industry to the strategic height of determining the future of Bao’an, and proposed Bao’an strategic positioning is to construct the Bay Area Center, Intelligence &Innovation Highland, Prosperous & Harmonious Homeland, and build Bao’an into the model of the socialist modernization advance zone.


Government-set platform--demonstrating all new achievements


Baoan Industry Development Expo (hereinafter referred to as B-Expo) is hosted by the Bao’an District Government, organized by the District Economic Promotion Bureau and the Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association. B-Expo 2018 will continue to adopt the model of “Government-run meeting, enterprise-run exhibition”, organize exhibitions in the direction of specialization and marketization, hold sustainable exhibitions with high standards, and fully display the overall economic and social development of Bao’an District and environment of quality business. Then, B-Expo will strengthen industrial policy propaganda, put the focus on demonstrating high-quality enterprises of “Bao’an Intelligent Manufacturing” and scientific and technological innovation, highlight the new achievements of Bao’an District in promoting the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure by innovation and driving to the vigorous development of exhibition industry, and finally accelerate the construction of “the Bay Area Center, Intelligence &Innovation Highland, Prosperous & Harmonious Homeland”.


Various exhibiting areas--highlighting the new era of Bao’an


Focusing on the theme of “the Bay Area Center, Intelligence &Innovation Highland, Prosperous & Harmonious Homeland”, the exhibition areas of B-Expo 2018 have been designed elaborately. The Bao’an Intelligent Manufacturing Hall in Hall 1 of Shenzhen  Conference & Exhibition Center focuses on displaying the Bao’an industrial system, and highlighting the new era of “Bao’an intelligent manufacturing”; Hall 6 is the Bao’an Image Hall, which focuses on the soft environment of social development such as Bao’an government service, scientific and technological innovation, talent party building, medical education, etc., and stresses the achievements of Prosperous & Harmonious Homeland construction. The two halls are organically combined to showcase the achievements of Bao’an social development and reform and innovation in new era.      

Bao’an Intelligent Manufacturing Hall covers 30000 square meters, including over 10 exhibiting areas such as Sino-German Cooperation Demonstration Area, Intelligent Manufacturing Area, Electronic Information Area, New Material & New Energy Area, Artificial Intelligence Area, Aviation & Aerospace Area, Science & Technology Area, Laser Technology & Equipment Area, Big Data Area, Marine Industry Area, Biology & Life Health Area, and Cultural Innovation Area. On the one hand, the exhibition area reflects the achievements of Baoan's traditional advantageous industries in building a modern industrial system driven by innovation. On the one hand, these exhibiting areas embodies the achievements of Bao’an traditional competitive industries to build a modern industrial system driven by innovation, and on the other hand, these areas also showcase the newest progress of Bao’an actively cultivating and embracing strategic emerging industries and future industries, as well as the development of Integrating advanced technologies such as new-generation information technology, artificial intelligence, and big data with Baoan's economic transformation and upgrading.

The area of Bao’an Image Hall covers 7500 square meters, including the Party's Construction + Comprehensive Services Area, Media Area, Finance Industry, Science & Technology Innovation, Bay Area Center Area, Medical Service Area, "Improve Bao'an Quality" Area, Education Industry Area, Talent Carnival Area, Investment Promotion Area, Intelligent Bao'an Area and other exhibiting areas.

At the same time, outside the main exhibition hall, ten streets in Bao’an District combine the characteristics and advantages of their respective industries and parks, set up 12 parallel sessions, and hold a series of distinctive activities to further enrich and extend the exhibition.


Eyes-catching highlight-- Sino-German Cooperation Demonstration Area debuting 


Sino-German cooperation is a key project of the Bao’an District Committee and District Government. Thus 2018 B-Expo will set up a “Sino-German Cooperation Demonstration Area”, in Bao’an Intelligent Manufacturing Hall, which is also the only country-themed exhibition area.     

Not long ago, German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a special trip from Beijing to Shenzhen to visit the first "window" of China's China’s Reform and Opening up Initiative, which conveyed a strong signal of cooperation between China and Germany in industry and science and technology. The industrial cooperation between Bao’an District and Germany has a long history, for as early as 2001, Germany Lufthansa opened Lufthansa Technology Shenzhen in Bao’an District. The district committee and district government attaches great importance to the cooperation with Germany (Europe) industry. In recent years, Bao’an has continuously strengthened the basic work of cooperation with Germany, extensively built a multi-level communication platform for Germany (Europe), and established a good economic and trade cooperation relationship with German business communities. The interaction between enterprises and organizations between two countries has become more frequent, and new steps have been taken for Sino-Germany cooperation. In 2017, China’s import and export volume to Germany has reached 1.501 billion US dollars, of which exports volume were 1.056 billion and imports were 445 million US dollars.

The Sino-German Cooperation Demonstration Area, which will be set up by B-Expo 2018, will focus on the achievements of Bao’an cooperation with Germany and build a platform for Sino-German technological innovation and industrial cooperation.


400 plus brand enterprises fusion-- showcasing the industry strength of Bao’an


B-Expo 2018 has attracted more than 400 choosen leading enterprises and high-end manufacturing enterprises from Bao’an District, such as Lufthansa Technology, IMEDCO, Severin in Sino-German Cooperation Demonstration Area; 3NOD Electronics, Airmate and Hangsheng Electronics in Electronic Information Area; Create Century Machinery, JT Automation Equipment, Silver Basis Technology in Intelligent Manufacturing Area; APT Mobile Satcom, China Communication Technology and Aee Aviation Technology in Aviation & Aerospace Area; Wave Kindom, Pure Water NO.1 in Marine Industry Area; Sunwoda Electronic, Dongjiaxin  Cable & Wire and Polymer Science New Materials in New Material & New Energy Area; Maxphotonics, DCT and Han’S Scanner S&T in Laser Technology & Equipment Area; Saiyi Science & Technology, Zudian Intelligence Technology, Yonghe Technology and Autotech Tlectronics in Science & Technology Area; INSTA360, Emdoor VR Technology, Arashi Vision and Augmented Reality Technologies in Artificial Intelligence Area; UTEK Technology, WAI CHI OPTO Technology and Gospell Digital Technology in Big Data Area; Winkey Bio-Tech, Zhenghe Medicine and Comfort Technology in Biology & Life Health Area; Huaxun Education, Light-Whisper Creative Strategy and He Cheng Hao Food in Cultural Innovation Area; As well as Joy Wing Mau Agricultural Products, Makhin Food, and Tsingtao Beer and Makhin Food in New Product Launch Area, all of which highlight the strong intelligent manufacturing strength.

As a platform and bridge, B-Expo 2019 will be able to closely connect the two ends of supply and demand. Each exhibition area can be the upstream and downstream of an industrial chain that through exchange of new technologies, new products, new service display, new ideas and new information, it can promote the flow of commodity, materials, labor, capital, and information across nation, region, or industry and the combination of advantageous production factors, and also can accelerate the Industry cross-border integration and development, create an industry value chain, and finally build a win-win ecosystem


Thought communication—providing new idea for “Bao’an Intelligent Manufacturing”


B-Expo 2019 will hold Era of Bay Area –Bao’an Industry Transformation and Upgrading Summit Forum and the 4th Global Intelligent Manufacturing Summit Forum, which will invite remarkable thinkers, industry leaders, corporate elites and domestic entrepreneurs and experts to address speech on the same stage. These two forums put the focus on Bao’an industrial transformation and upgrading, the development of intelligent manufacturing, and the construction of high-end communication platform. B-Expo 2018 gathers all necessary elements, including the integration of labor flow, logistics and capital flows, adding to the fully ideas exchange between the government, experts and enterprises, it may provide new ideas for the development of Bao’an industry.



Colorful activities—satisfying business needs at one stop 


During the Expo, more than 50 new product launches, buyer procurement matchmaking meetings, global VIP buyers special matchmaking meetings, as well as Bao’an intelligent manufacturing export products selection conferences will be held to build a product displaying platform for enterprises and create more cooperation opportunities for exhibitors., which strive to build a seamless supply and demand chain. “Praise for B-expo”----the Most Popular Product Selection Activity will extent the displaying area of exhibiting products from the exhibiting hall to the Internet, which may help enterprises build a better brand image. Then several activities such as the “Overseas Talents Direct Train ” On-site Talent Selection Activity” as well as “Bao’an Talent Park” On-site Promotion Activity embody Bao’an emphasis on the introduction and cultivation of talents. At the same time, B-Expo 2019 will also hold lots of salons with various themes to discuss the developing way for different industries’ future.

This Expo will also arrange several signing ceremonies for different projects, such as investment attraction signing project, major investment signing project, and cooperation signing project.

Through a variety of activities, the Expo will solve the needs of enterprises in all aspects including customers searching, markets expanding, funds raising, supply seeking, experience learning, images displaying, brands establishing, talents recruiting, new technologies learning, and contacts building.

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