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B-Expo 2019 Report

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Baoan Industry Development Expo 2019 (abbr. B-Expo) was opened at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center on November 4 - 6. It aimed to display Bao’an’s capability and strength in fully participation of the construction of pilot demonstration area and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area and to erect the exchange and cooperation platform for the quality development of manufacturing.



With the thematic topic of “the Core of Bay Area, the Highland of intelligent Innovation, a Shared Home”, the Expo extensively shows the new face, new conducts, new outcomes of Bao’an’s economic and social development via intensively displaying Bao’an’s modern industrial system characterized by the leading of strategic emerging industries, spearheaded by electronic information industry, supported by equipment manufacturing and traditionally competitive industries, complete with a full coverage of hi-end service industries, as well as premium business operation environment characterized with “amicability with, protection for, boosting and strengthening businesses ”.



The size of this expo reached 40,000 square meters, made up of 7 major areas, namely Intelligent Manufacturing Area, Sino-German (European) Cooperation Demonstration Area, Emerging Industry Area, Future Industry Area, Hi-end Service Area, New Technology/product Launch/Promotion Area, Bao’an Image Area, to give an extensive display of the economic and social development characteristics, modernized industrial system and premium business operation environment in Bao’an District. 405 exhibiting enterprises attended the event, the total volume of the deals proposed at the venue reached RMB 5.21 billion, and 70,164 professional visitors from 53 countries and regions were received, up by nearly 20% compared to last year.



I  The Premiering of the Internationally First-class Exhibition Venue and the First B-Expo at home



B-Expo, as the first district-level industrial exposition in Shenzhen, aims to forge “an all-covering display and a supreme gala of Bao’an’s industrial development”. It has been successfully held for 3 times since 2016. This year’s B-Expo, located at the Hall 2 & 4 of Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, was the first exhibition held since the new venue was completed. Meanwhile, it was the first time that the exhibition had been held in Bao’an District. B-Expo, since this one, realizes the goal of displaying at home and upgrading the display, which would boost the entrance into a new era of Bao’an’s exhibition and convention industries and become an energetic underpinning for the extensive broadening of openness and strengthening demonstration role in Bao’an. By virtue of the world- class stage of Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, characterized by B-Expo, Bao’an will establish industry and product display platforms of even larger sizes and higher levels, to sufficiently unleash the boosting, engine-like effect of exhibition and convention industries, to accumulate talent flow, material flow, capital flow and information flow, to let Bao’an’s intelligent manufacturing take advantage of exhibition and convention industries, to facilitate the establishment of modernized economic system characterized with the coordinated development of manufacturing and service, to help Bao’an spearhead the construction of Guangdong-H.K.-Macao Bay Area and pilot demonstration area, to assist Bao’an in its climb toward the higher end of industry chain in China and even the world.


II A Hi-end Exhibition Size of 40,000 Square Meters and the Largest Scale in History Sufficiently Highlight the Intelligent Innovation Feature of Bao’an

The scale of B-Expo 2019 reached 40,000 square meters. Surrounding Bao’an’s competitive industries and development planning, 7 major exhibition areas were set, namely, Intelligent Manufacturing Area, Sino-German/European Cooperation Demonstration Area, Emerging Industry Area, Future Industry Area, Hi-end Service Area, New Technology/product Launch/Promotion Area, Bao’an Image Area. Among them, the Intelligent Manufacturing Area and the Emerging Industry Area which were located at the Hall 4 were the exhibition areas of largest size in this year’s B-Expo, covering 20,000 square meters in total, accounting for 50% of the total Expo exhibition area. The areas displayed Bao’an’s latest industrial output in its competitive fields like new-generation IT, numerically controlled machine tools/metal finishing, industrial automation, new material etc., and to some extent, represented the trends of the development of new technology and product in the above-said industries around the world. In recent years, advanced manufacturing and strategic emerging industries developed fast in Bao’an, with an industrial development structure, spearheaded by electronic information industries, led by strategic emerging industries, underpinned by equipment manufacturing and traditionally competitive industries.


III  Highlight the Industrial Characteristic of Bao’an, Optimize the Layout of Exhibition Areas

B-Expo 2019, on the basis of the exhibition area layout and planning of the last expo, further optimized the layout of the major display areas and further highlighted the particular industries of Bao’an. For the first time, the Ten Industry Chains Area and the Future Industry Area were established. The Ten Industry Chains Area, as an image display area, displayed Bao’an’s 10 major industrial chains of the most core competitiveness, including Bao’an’s 10 key industries like integrated circuit, 5G, mobile phones, LED, laser, intelligent equipments, bio-medicines, new energies, intelligent home appliances, molding. The overall output of the above-said industries accounts for 70% of Bao’an’s above-designation industrial output, the genuine backbone of Bao’an’s modern industrial system. If the Ten Industry Chains Area focused on the “present” of Bao’an industry, the Future Industry Area focused on the “future” of Bao’an industry, displaying Bao’an “performance” in sophisticated fields like aeronautic equipments, marine engineering equipment, artificial intelligence, biological technology. By virtue of sound foundations in electronic information industry, Bao’an initiated the layout in these fields in advance, with new technology, industry, business mode, products constantly emerging, inserting a lot of vitality into the development of Bao’an industry. Therefore, these are the “wind vane” and boosting force behind the quality development of Bao’an economy in the future.


IV  Numerous Bao’an enterprises leading in their industries attended the event and went global with “Made in Bao’an”

The collective debut of numerous Bao’an enterprises leading in their industries displayed Bao’an’s latest technology and best products to the world. Among the powerful “Bao’an Enterprises” formation, there were enterprises from intelligent manufacturing, like Han’s Laser, Chuangshiji Machinery, JT Automation, Silver Basis Technology, Yuto Packaging, enterprises from emerging industries like Avary Holding, Liannet, 3nod, Sunwoda, Fenda, Hangsheng, enterprises from future industries like Apstar, Huaxun, My Robot Time, Insta360, Augmented Reality, and enterprises from the hi-end service like Creative Investment, Eternal Asia, Sino-Africa Culture, DJS, SZ Airport, Huibaolong. 

Numerous “Made in Bao’an” products displayed in the Expo directly represent the first class within China or the industry. For instance, LCP, PCB products newly developed by Avary Holding are able to be applied in the latest 5G mobile phones, holding a leading position in PCB industry; the multi-function humanoid robots from MY Robot Time adopt 18 full color LED steering gears, the first in the industry, capable of action programming like kicking balls, boxing, dancing, somersault; Insta 360 is the leading brand in panoramic cameras, providing multi-placement panoramic VR live broadcasting for the parade in the 70th anniversary of the founding of PRC; the multi-screen-in-one-machine intelligent cockpit solution developed by Hangsheng Eletronics is the first multi-screen intelligent cockpit product that went to mass production in automotive factory; Hechenghao, Shajin Oysters, Classykiss Yogurt, Tsingtao Beer, the so-called “4 treasures of Bao’an”, represent Bao’an’s cuisine flavors.



V  Allign with world class industrial standard, Deepen international exchange

In aspect of highlighting integration with international enterprises, this year’s B-Expo optimized and upgraded the Sino-German (European) Cooperation Demonstration Area, took effort to invite Logistics Alliance Germany, Niedersacvhsen Aviation, Jacobs University Bremen, German or German-funded enterprises like Idatase, Mooma, TecMed, IKARA Visual System and EBBECKE VERFAHRENSTECHNIK to attend the event, covering advanced manufacturing fields like intelligent equipment, electronics and aerospace, automotion, new materials and new energy.

It’s a fruitful result of Bao’an’s effort in actively aligning with the world industrial standard and constantly deepening cooperation with Germany (Europe). Since 2016 onward, Bao’an has rigidified its steps toward cooperation with Germany (Europe) and successfully joined Sino-Germany Industrial city Alliance whose professional committee in intelligent manufacturing is permanently located in Bao’an; Bao’an successfully created Sino-Germany (Bao’an, Shenzhen)Medium and small-sized Enterprises Cooperation Zone approved and licensed by MIIT; Bao’an successfully set up a German representative office in Frankfurt; Bao’an successfully set up Bao’an Sino-Germany/Europe Industrial Development Cooperation Alliance etc.

During the Expo, 2060 international enterprises and 51 international organizations from 53 nations and regions including Germany, Holland, U.S., Italy, Russia, U.K., France, organized their groups to attend the Expo and make negotiation. Besides, the Expo especially invited over 50 sourcing companies from Germany like Sensius, Nanocontrol, ODDITY, TV2Z, 3dpbm to go to the exhibition booths of B-Expo committed to AI, bio-medicine, intelligent manufacturing for negotiation and communication about their sourcing business and facilitated their cooperation intent, which was acclaimed and acknowledged by both sides.

According to statistics, within the 3 days, over 12,135 international professional visitors attended the B-Expo. Bao’an’s international influence and visibility was further enhanced through erecting the platform of internationalized exposition.


VI  Project-based accomplishments abound with numerous cooperation agreements signed

This B-Expo held 2 contract-signing conferences with signed projects totaling 54 and proposed investment reaching RMB 47.67 billion, including 4 projects invested by the world’s top 500 and China’s state-funded central enterprises, 8 projects invested by listed companies, 5 CAS-member-partnered projects, covering 9 major fields like AI, advanced manufacturing. Leading ventures in fields like equipment manufacturing, cultural & creative, building and decoration, internet of things, intelligent web-linked vehicles, and “high-grade, precision, advanced” ventures in sophisticated technology fields like deep-sea exploration, low-altitude flight, Beidou Navigation were involved, with advanced manufacturing accounting for above 80%. Compared with the past years, among this year’s signed projects, there were numerous premium enterprises and the quality of projects was high, and the internationalized, diversified trend was highlighted.

The purchasers invited during the Expo actively communicated with the exhibitors, which effectively facilitated inter-enterprise cooperation and communication in terms of products and technology. The amount of deals realized at the venue reached RMB 243 million, and an amount of proposed deals reaching RMB 5.21 billion was managed. A large group of ventures like Silver Basis, Rietech-solar, Chuangqu Interactive, Kelefa, Chengfa, Collaborative AI Research Institute, Jianmei Internet of Things, Dangran Electronics, Purest, RHM, Xingxunda and Hongzhuoyuan reached cooperation intent at the site of the Expo. The results of the negotiations were fruitful.


VII  Erecting the hi-end promotion platform with spectacular new product releases


The New Product Launch Area gave a centralized display of a batch of accomplishments of core competitiveness in science and technology so as to constantly inspire the vigor of Bao’an enterprises in innovation and development. At the site of Bao’an District New Technology and Product Launch Conference, the enterprises, in succession, displayed their repertoire products. The products of highly sci-tech sense shows the strong innovation ability and competitiveness of the enterprises, such as the 5-color FDM3D printer from Shenzhen Rencai Technology, the new-gen lithium generator from Shenzhen Zhenghao Innovations, the multi-function mobile phone sterilizer from Shenzhen Dangran Electronics, the application of NB-IoT  technology in hydro-power management system from YMsino, the Keyu Visual Navigation Sweeper CV520C from Guangdong Baole Robot, the non-standardized high-precision new-type combination cutting tools from Shenzhen Haizhjou Tools.


Bao’an Launch is a brand event created through much effort of Bay Area New Technology and Product Display Center with the purpose of providing a professional platform for the publicity and promotion of New technology and products from the enterprises. Bao'an Launch Session IV, driven by sci-tech innovation and institutional innovation, underpinned by optimization of service for enterprises, combined with Bao’an’s sound foundation in industries like new-gen IT, hi-end equipment manufacturing, green low carbon, digital economy, new material, actively displays the latest results in sci-tech innovation of Bao’an. It mainly consists of Shenzhen Advanced Connection Technology releases: nano-silver sinteringnew solution for power IC heat-release packaging, Huynew Technology releases: optical display modules of AR&VR glasses, Siglent Technology releases: general purpose electronic test/measurement devices, Cloud Technology releases: AI server SA5, Yangming Quantum releases: colloidal quantum dot semiconductor material.


VIII  Paving the nestles for phoenixes, introducing talents

The “Talent Carnival” of B-Expo set episodes like “Overseas Talent Express”, “Master Class on Human Resources”, “Master Class on Workplace Make-up and Etiquettes”, “Symposium on Coordinated development of HR Service and Industrial Economy”, “Display of Products Innovated by Overseas Returnees ” and “Site Experience of HR Service”, attracting 8 renowned enterprises, like Sunwoda Eletronics, Huaxun, Unilumin Technology and Sinvo Automation, with full attendance.

During the 2 sessions of Talent Carnival, Bao’an District Human Resource Bureau selected 8 renowned enterprises to attend the session, including Sunwoda Eletronics, Huaxun, Unilumin Technology and Sinvo Automation, with the result of attracting 21 outstanding talents to participate (among whom there were 6 overseas returnees graduating from renowned universities in France, Netherland, 6 foreign nationals, 2 graduates with Hong Kong academic credential). The event also exclusively invited HR experts from www.zhaopin.com for site reviews to enhance the professionalism and orientation of the recruitment event. As a result, 5 overseas returnees and 6 foreign nationals obtained the offers on the site. First Union Technology and Unilumin Technology, as the biggest winners, accepted 8 innovative talents urgently needed in their strategic development. The session of “Overseas Talent Express” not only realized the resource connection between enterprises and talents, but attracted a lot of spectators owing to its unique style. Therefore, it achieved excellent effects.



IX  In fulfilling the idea of holding the event in a green, intelligent way, its efficiency, environment-friendliness and convenience won the unanimous acclaims of the visitors & exhibitors

B-Expo 2019 is further upgraded in the display experience. It actively aligned with the “Green and environment-friendly” idea in decoration, actively practiced the idea of green development in aspects of booth design, booth construction material, decoration construction environment protection, etc. It elaborately promoted green booths, with all exhibitors’ materials modulized and structurized, generally adopting environmentally friendly materials which were able to be recycled. Part of the specially decorated booths even used suspension points to install decorations, in which the non-lumber suspension structure greatly reduced the proportion of lumber in erection materials and significantly increased the recyclability of erection materials, simplifying the ground structure of the booths. Direct suspension installation in the superstructure reduced the time of decoration and dismantling, and enhanced construction efficiency. Meanwhile the usage of topside display space was able to enrich display levels, broaden display area and enhance overall image of and attention to the booth.

The Expo venue was fully covered with free WIFI, and self-help retailing machines adopted face recognition payment. The spectators were offered full-dimensional intelligent service with a single click on the applet “Shenzhen World Exhibition and Conference Center/ Shenzhen World” resulting in the solution of service needs like exhibition navigation, dining, business travel, express delivery, business center, WIFI, etc. The new exhibition hall’s “digitalization, intelligence, smartness” was perfectly connected with the multiple intelligent factors in B-Expo, fulfilling the idea of carrying out intelligent exhibition in every single detail.


X 70 wonderful activities organized to create the annual gala of Bao’an industry

B-Expo 2019 took the initiative to assume the industrial responsibility matching the industrial strength and status of Bao’an. It is committed to building a multi-level and multi-dimensional industrial exchange platform, bringing together top think tanks, government representatives, industry leaders, business elites and even ordinary citizens to exchange information on the same platform, promoting industry exchanges and cooperation in a wider range of fields, monitoring the global trend of industry development, sharing the latest information on industrial innovation and market development, and promoting win-win development. Focusing on the theme of industrial development, the Expo in this year has held more than 70 wonderful activities during 3 days, using various forms such as industry connection, new product release, cultural display, talent exchange and interactive experience. They are of both depth and breadth, both professionalism and fun, so as to ensure that both “big players” in the industry and “green hand” in the enterprise can find their “treasures” in the “treasure land” and feel worthwhile and rewarding.


Activity 1: Launch ceremony of Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center and Opening Ceremony of Baoan Industry Development Expo 2019


The acticity was held ceremoniously in the South Lobby of Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center on the first day. Wang Weizhong, the Deputy Secretary of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Committee, Chen Rugui, the Mayor of Shenzhen, and other government leaders and people from all walks of life attended the opening ceremony. Mayor Chen Rugui pointed out in his speech that Shenzhen would give full play to the city’s efforts to push forward the construction of the two regions in the face of the significant historical opportunity for building Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and new Shenzhen pilot demonstration zone for socialism with Chinese characteristics, and would take the World Exhibition & Convention Center as a new starting point to strive to build an international first-class exhibition platform and give full play to the demonstration role of Shenzhen.


Activity 2: “Era of Bay Area-Bao'an High Quality Development Summit Forum 2019”

With the theme of “empowering intelligent manufacturing with scientific and technological innovation”, renowned experts and scholars at home and abroad as well as excellent business representatives, including Professor Herzog, a member of the ACATECH, professor of Jacobs University Bremen and George Mason University in the U.S., elected as the leader of German artificial intelligence in 2019, Chen Liang, the founder and chairman of Germany’s Exceed, Qin Hailin, the director of CCID, and Sadie Institute of Industry and Information Technology, were invited to give keynote speeches and launch conversations. Focused on the high-quality development direction of Bao’an manufacturing industry, they explored the way to promote the quality change, efficiency change and power change of Bao’an industry through scientific and technological innovation, made suggestions for the development of intelligent manufacturing in Bao’an industry and discussed the development plans of Bao’an.



Activity 3: Signing ceremony of major projects invested in and promoted by Bao’an District in 2019 with the theme of “a win-win future for the Bay Area”

To implement Shenzhen’s important plan of “recruiting big, excellent and good businesses”, to drive the investment promotion to a new level and help Bao’an industry to grow steadily, two major project signing ceremonies were held in conference room 2, 2nd floor, Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center on November 4 and 5, respectively, to show the business environment of “the Core of Bay Area, the Highland of intelligent Innovation, a Shared Home”. Compared with previous years, the signed projects in this year have many high-quality powerful enterprises, and the trend of internationalization and diversification is prominent.


Activity 4: “Bao’an Launch” Session IV

Bao’an Launch is a brand activity that the Bay Area New Technology and New Product Exhibition Center takes much efforts to build, aiming at providing a professional platform for the promotion and introduction of new technologies and new products. Through holding “Bao’an Launch” activities at an irregular shcedule , a group of “Intelligently Made in Bao’an” and “Creatively Made in Bao’an” scientific and technological achievements with core competitiveness were displayed, so as to continuously stimulate the innovation and development vitality of Bao’an enterprises and improve the innovation and entrepreneurship ecology of Bao’an industries. The fourth Bao’an Launch Conference was driven by scientific and technological innovation and system innovation, supported by optimizing enterprise services, and actively displays the latest achievements of Bao’an in scientific and technological innovation in combination with the good foundation in the new generation of information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, green and low carbon, digital economy, new materials and other industrial fields. Guo Ziping, the Deputy Secretary of Bao’an District Party Committee and District Chief of Bao’an District, Xue Qiang, the member of the standing committee of the district committee, Mao Wuyuan, the Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the District People’s Congress, Liao Xin, the Vice Chairman of District CPPCC and principal responsible comrades of Bao’an District Committee District Office, District Party Committee Propaganda Department, Development and Reform Bureau of Bao’an District, Science, Technology and Innovation Bureau of Bao’an District, Industrial and Information Technology Bureau of Bao’an District, Invest Baoan Shenzhen, and all sub-district offices, as well as representatives of Bao’an District listed enterprises, five kinds of top 100 enterprises, high-tech growth enterprises, top 100 innovative enterprises, innovation alliance and innovation park attended the event.


Activity 5: 5G + AIOT Industry Chain Procurement Management Innovation Development Forum

In the 5G+ digital era, the market is constantly changing, and enterprises are also seeking changes. There will be more and more opportunities in the corresponding industrial supply chain. As the core department of enterprise procurement and supply chain management and professional procurement personnel, how to deeply understand the change trend and gain insight into the professional future will become the focus of the forum. “5G + AIOT Industry Chain Procurement Management Innovation Development Forum” was jointly organized by Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association and the procurement sector. Li Ye, the Executive Chairman of the procurement sector, Huang Fuming, the head of CMF Design Corps, Wang Hongjun, the former procurement executive of multinational company SEAGATE , Zhang Zhiying, the procurement executive of Foxconn , Cao Jinrong, the founder of Huawei supply chain and other keynote speakers attended the Forum.


XI   Wide spread publicity drove influence to a higher level

The Exhibition was thoroughly reported by hundreds of domestic mainstream news media, television media, network media, professional media, self-media, official accounts of masters and well-known microblogs. Special report was taken in mainstream news media, including Nanfang Daily, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, Shenzhen Economic Daily, Shenzhen Jingbao, Guangzhou Daily, Science and Technology Daily, Hong Kong Commercial Daily, Shenzhen Evening News, and Bao‘an Daily, as well as television media, such as Phoenix Satellite Network, Guangdong TV Station, Shenzhen TV Station, Shenzhen Satellite TV, and Southern TV Station conducted special reports. In addition to network media like IIANEWS, www.paznh.com, Made-in-China.com, www.zgznh.com, www.kuajingyan.com, www.51banhui.com, www.pgjxo.com, www.chuangkem.com, www.jiqirenku.com, www.ybzhan.cn, www.zgznh.com, IYIOU,com, www.pos580.com, b2b.iisek.com, www.99.com, Lezhiot, Intelligent City, www.zhineng.in, www.robot-china.com, www.todayim.cn, Global Importer, www.pos580.com, Asia Automation and Robot, AIDC, www.gkzhan.com, Vogel Business Media, Lezhiot, and www.gongkong.com, self-media including SOHU, btime, yidianzixun, netease, om.qq.com, www.ctoutiao.com, ebrun and toutiao, as well as the official WeChat public account and microblog topics of the Expo reported nearly 2 million times of news exposure to the Expo, related forum activities and typical exhibitors before, during and after the exhibition respectively.

1. Guided by the principle of “promptness, authoritativeness and wide participation”, it coordinates various channels such as traditional media, new media and environmental publicity to carry out publicity, with characteristics of promptness, authority, various forms and high participation. China Central Television’s “Morning News” and “Zheng Dian Cai Jing” and other columns reported on the exhibition and exhibition hall, and the state-level media such as Xinhua News Agency, Economic Daily, China Business Daily and China Economic Herald published articles in depth. Nanfang Daily takes the topic of “New Exhibition, Shenzhen Soaring”, and occupied 16 pages for the special issue paying close attention to Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center and exhibition opportunities. Phoenix.com set up a special column for the Expo, which fully tracked and reported the first-hand information of the exhibition before, during and after the Expo. During the three-day exhibition, the total number of TV news and newspaper reports exceeded 150.

2. The splendid moments in the Expo site were recorded and shared in WeChat Moments by making short videos. All-round propagation by WeChat was conducted, including WeChat communication, promotion within 100+ WeChat groups, and fission promotion with collecting “like”. Big data activities were launched in WeChat, which focused on the Expo online, and link the Expo with the Internet.

3. The brand-new platform for exhibitor show was launched by producing customized “audience invitations” for more than 300 exhibitors, so as to expand the propaganda with the exhibitors.

4. Methods like direct advertising of DSP, and delivering ads on popular APPs such as Baidu, and yidianzixun, as well as a large number of customized EDM e-mail push before the exhibition were taken. Special e-mail messages were made for different sections of the exhibition and different activity forums, and accurate customers were selected through sorting and screening the audience database, thus pushing messages to them.

5. The overwhelming number of large outdoor advertisements: large screens of famous buildings in Shenzhen, large screens of Shenzhen Airport, advertisements of public buses/platforms in Shenzhen, advertisements of maps in Shenzhen, and other large outdoor advertisements. Shenzhen was covered in blue.

6. Multi-leveled, multilingual, all-around, broad and deep introduction was make for B-Expo through nearly 50 similar or related industry exhibition, summit and forum sites held in over ten countries and regions of Germany, America, France, Russia, Japan and Hongkong, as well as those held in over 30 cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Nanjing, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Dongguan, Foshan, Zhongshan, Shantou, Chongqing and Shenzhen.

7. The invitation team of professional spectators made a one-on-one invitation by telephone to ensure that senior executives with decision-making power and heads of relevant departments attend the meeting as professional spectators. The Expo matched the exhibitors’ business scope and the spectators’ purchasing needs in advance to provide seamless and accurate connection between the supplier and the demand side.

8. Cooperated with organizations to invite group spectators: Through cooperation with more than 200 business associations and professional media organizations in various industries across the country, especially in the Pearl River Delta region, VIP purchasing groups was formed by leaders from consumer electronics, intelligent manufacturing, food, furniture, gifts and toys, machinery, clothing, luggage, building materials, lamps, e-commerce, etc. to participate in the Expo.

9. 13 overseas offices in close contact with foreign government agencies, associations and more than 50 cooperation agencies have been set up around the world to organize professional audiences. Through the international media of 20 countries and regions such as America, Britain, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Belgium, a wide range of multi-angle publicity and promotion was carried out;

10. Internationally, a wide range of multi-angle publicity and promotion was carried out through more than 600 international media from over 80 countries on six continents, such as America, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Serbia, Russia, Belarus, Albania, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Israel, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Madagascar, India, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Thailand. By doing so, the international influence and popularity of Bao’an has been further enhanced.


XII Following work

(i) Continue to promote and perfect the supporting construction of the exhibition hall. Since the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center is newly built and the surrounding amenities are not perfect, the next step is to speed up the construction of amenities for the exhibition hall in order to build an international first-class international exhibition hall, mainly including subway construction, urban road widening and construction, bus route planning, exhibition logistics site setting, catering, entertainment, shopping project planning and construction, perfection of reasonable and convenient comprehensive supporting facilities, and comprehensively improvement of the quality of the International Convention and Exhibition Center. At the same time, it will attract institutions of modern service industries such as exhibition planning, exhibition hall design, advertising media, e-commerce and exhibition transportation to gather in Bao’an to build exhibition industry gathering areas around the venues so as to improve the efficiency of exhibition services.


(ii) Guide the operation of the exhibition hall and foster/introduce high-end exhibition brands. With scientific guidance, efforts will be made to strengthen the efficient and energy-saving operation of the exhibition hall. Brand exhibitions with characteristics, good growth and strong competitiveness will be introduced. High-end exhibition projects will be actively introduced. The exhibition industry system will be improved and perfected. The level of intelligence will be continuously improved. The development of green ecological exhibition will be promoted. Domestic and foreign exchanges and cooperation will be strengthened. Considering the introduction of professional exhibition industry operators, taking venue operation as the breakthrough point, we will improve the utilization rate of exhibition halls, refine the unique and advantageous resources of Bao’an District with the concept of exhibition industry economic operation, plan super brand exhibition projects with differentiated positioning, build a large exhibition platform for industrial economic exchange, and drive the vigorous development of exhibition industry economy.


(iii) Around the market-oriented operation, we will continuously upgrade the brand of the exhibition and closely follow up the projects proposed in the exhibition. The vitality of the exhibition lies in the efficient combination of government-led and market-oriented operation. The next step of the exhibition will be to adopt a brand-new market-oriented operation mode of “market operation and professional exhibition management”. Organizers will give full play to their respective advantages and take marketization, specialization, internationalization and high-end as the orientation. They will make bold attempts on specific projects such as inviting exhibitors, hosting forums and home-court operations. They will also try to take the method that the government purchases services and entrust the Expo to an organization with rich experience, strength and professionalism to operate. They will explore the efficient combination of government guidance and market-oriented operation, aiming to make the Expo an important platform and exposition “based in Bao’an, facing the whole country and going to the world”.




See you B-Expo 2020!



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