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B-Expo 2018 Report

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Report of Baoan Industry Development Expo 2018



Baoan Industry Development Expo 2018 (B-Expo 2018) was successfully held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from July 26 to 28. This Expo is hosted by the Bao’an District Government, organized by Economic Promotion Bureau of Bao’an District and Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association. B-Expo 2018 continued to adopt the model of “Government-run meeting, enterprise-run exhibition”, focus on the theme of “the Core of the Greater Bay Area, the Highland of Intelligent Innovation, A shared Home” to organize exhibitions in the direction of specialization and marketization, hold sustainable exhibitions with high standards, and fully display the overall economic and social development of Bao’an District and environment of quality business. Then, B-Expo strengthened industrial policy propaganda, put the focus on demonstrating high-quality enterprises of “Bao’an Intelligent Manufacturing” and scientific and technological innovation, highlighted the new achievements of Bao’an District in promoting the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure by innovation and driving to the vigorous development of exhibition industry.

Ⅰ. Overview of the Exhibition

B-Expo 2018 has created a grand banquet for Bao’an  industries, featured a high level of participation by enterprises, and fruitful results and displayed all measures and achievements of Bao'an construction of “the Core of the Greater Bay Area, the Highland of Intelligent Innovation, A shared Home” from all directions, deep level and multiple angles. The exhibition venue covered an area of 37,500 square meters, brought together 400 plus brand enterprises and attracted over 221,000 trips by professional visitors from 58 countries and regions; 31 major projects officially settled in Bao'an, with the total agreed investment valued at about 76.6 billion yuan.


Ⅱ. Fruits and Highlights of the Exhibition


(I)Various exhibiting area

Around the theme of “the Core of the Greater Bay Area, the Highland of Intelligent Innovation, A shared Home”, the Areas of B-Expo 2018 have been designed elaborately, lay out rationally and stuck out all characteristics. The Bao’an Intelligent Manufacturing Hall in Hall 1 of Shenzhen  Conference & Exhibition Center focuses on displaying the Bao’an industrial system, and highlighting the new era of “Bao’an intelligent manufacturing”, which including Sino-German Cooperation Demonstration Area, Intelligent Manufacturing Area, Electronic Information Area, New Material & New Energy Area, Artificial Intelligence Area, Aviation & Aerospace Area, Science & Technology Area, Laser Technology & Equipment Area, Big Data Area, Marine Industry Area, Biology & Life Health Area, Cultural Innovation Area. and New Product Launch Area, etc; Hall 6 is the Bao’an Image Hall, which focuses on the soft environment of social development such as Bao’an government service, scientific and technological innovation, talent party building, medical education, shows Bao’an’s soft power from various aspects such as finance, medical care, education and investment promotion, and stresses the achievements of Prosperous & Harmonious Homeland construction, which including the Party's Construction + Comprehensive Services Area, Media Area, Finance Industry, Science & Technology Innovation, Bay Area Center Area, Medical Service Area, "Improve Bao'an Quality" Area, Education Industry Area, Talent Carnival Area, Investment Promotion Area, Intelligent Bao'an Area and other exhibiting areas. The two halls were organically combined to showcase the achievements of Bao’an social development, reform and innovation in new era. On one hand, the Area reflects the achievements of Baoan's traditional advantageous industries in building a modern industrial system driven by innovation. These exhibiting areas not only embodies the achievements of Bao’an traditional competitive industries to build a modern industrial system driven by innovation, but also showcases the newest progress of Bao’an actively cultivating and embracing strategic emerging industries and future industries, as well as the development of Integrating advanced technologies such as new-generation information technology, artificial intelligence, and big data with Baoan's economic transformation and upgrading. At the same time, outside the main exhibition hall, ten streets in Bao’an District combined the characteristics and advantages of their respective industries and parks, set up 12 parallel sessions, and held a series of distinctive activities to further enrich and extend the exhibition. Xinan, Fuhai, Shajin, Yanluo, Xinqiao, Shiyan, Hangcheng, Jiahong International Luxury Auto Expo Center, Yanmeng Hotel Culture Industrial Park, Meiying Zhui Hui Port, Songgang Street,and Songgang  amber, these 12parallel sessions joint with main venues, demonstrated Bao’an’s solid industrial base and complete industrial system. Through the "1+N" mode, these demonstrating areas have showcased the soft power and hard power of Bao’an in all dimensions and angles, and highlighted the new Bao’an image in the new era.


(II) Sino-German cooperation

Sino-German cooperation is a key project of the Bao’an District Committee and District Government. Thus collaborating with Shenzhen Baoan Sino-German(Europe) Industrial Development Cooperation  Alliance, B-Expo 2018 set up a “Sino-German Cooperation Demonstration Area”, in Bao’an Intelligent Manufacturing Hall, which is also the only country-themed Area. The Sino-German Cooperation Demonstration Area has covered an area of 360 square meters, mainly showed the strategic planning and construction achievements of Sino-German (Europe) Industry demonstration park. Those Baoan enterprises, which have cooperation with Germany in technology, project, talent and market, have also exhibited in this area, such as Lufthansa Technology, IMEDCO, Severin etc. Besides, several official bureaus including Hamburg Invest, Germany Trade & I nvest, Germany NRW Invest and State of Bavaria China Office have also introduced new investment-attracting policy to welcome Chinese businessmen to invest in Germany. This area has demonstrated lots achievements of collaboration between Bao’an and Germany, built a platform for Sino-German technology innovation and industry corporation, and combined “Bao’s Intelligent Manufacturing” with “German Manufacturing”.


(III). Ecological Win-Win Situation

The B-Expo adheres to high standards in holding sustainable exhibitions, building a comprehensive exhibition platform which is high-end, professional and full of regional characteristics. The B-Expo 2018 has attracted high-quality enterprises in Bao’an district who are connected with each other in the industrial chain to participate, including Lufthansa Technik, IMEDCO and SEVERIN in the Sino-German Cooperation Demonstration Area; Sinocare, Airmate and HSAE in the Electronic Information Area; Create Century Technology, JT and Basis in Intelligent Manufacturing Area; APSTAR, CCT and AEE in Aerospace Area; and Oceanalpha and Pure Water No. 1 in Ocean Industry Area, covering all major advantageous industries in Bao' an from high-end manufacturing, commercial circulation, e-commerce to logistics and supply chain, among which the leading, listed and top five enterprises account for more than 20 % of enterprises participated. The intelligent manufacturing strength of Bao'an is comprehensively displayed with highlight.

Serve as a platform and bridge, the B-Expo closely connect the two sides of supply and demand. Each Area is connected as upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. Through the display of new technologies, new products and new services and the communication of new ideas, new concepts and new information, the flow of goods, materials, personnel, capital and information across countries, regions and industries were promoted, as well as the combination of advantageous factors of production; and the development of cross-border integration of industries were advanced so as to build a value chain and create a win-win ecological situation. During the exhibition, more than 5,200 buyers from over 600 high-quality enterprises at home and abroad were invited to participate in the supply and demand matchmaking activities such as the Buyers Matchmaking Meeting. Significant results have been achieved with intended transaction amount reaching 5.16 billion yuan. For example, the intended transaction amount of Shenzhen Dingjunshan Science and Technology Co., Ltd.  reached 20 million yuan for its intelligent on-demand cinema project; the intended transaction amount of Shenzhen Huibaolong Hotel Equipment Co., Ltd. reached 10 million yuan; the intended transaction amount of AMONGO reached 7.5 million yuan for building equipment and self-service equipment; Shen Zhen IMJIA Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has reached cooperation with housing estates including Li Hai Chun Cheng, Kai Da Hua Ting, Jing Xin Garden, Ming Dian Garden, Ji Xin Ming Cheng, Yong Jing cheng and Jin Cheng Hu Shan Da Jing on vending machines, the transaction amount of which reached 5 million yuan; Shenzhen Jujiang Technology concluded a transaction of 2 sets of gantry machining center on site; Shenzhen Xinbaoying Science and Technology Limited concluded a transaction of 1.2 million yuan on refuse collector and reached an intended transaction of 7.6 million yuan; Shenzhen A&G Technology received an intended purchase order of 10,000 robots with a total transaction value of 4 million yuan; other enterprises such as HI-CHIPCOM, Gao Mei Fu, RHM, NeWisdom also reached cooperation intention on site.


(IV)New Stand Point

On the basis of successful experiences of previous exhibition, B-Expo 2018 has made improvements and innovations after taking exhibition’s demands into consideration. To build a better exhibition venue, publicize the image of exhibitors in a wider range and create a higher-quality exhibition environment for exhibitors and professional visitors, B-Expo 2018 has planned the layout of the Area more carefully and rationally, and redesigned the style of the standard booth. On the hand of professional visitors invitation, the organizing committee studied and formulated a detailed invitation plan to attract more professional visitors at home and abroad to participate in this exhibition.During the exhibition, lots of distinguished foreign guests have attended B-Expo 2018, and participated in the opening ceremony, summit forum and other on-site activities, including Michael Borchmann, Former Director General for European and International Affairs in the State Chancellery of Hesse, Germany, Senior Adviser Germany of CIIPA(G); Mr.Arkin Pariltan, Deputy General Manager of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG; Ms. Joanna Skoczek, Consul General of Consulate General of Republic of Poland in Guangzhou, and Christian Engels, General Manager of German Industry & Commerce – Guangzhou etc. What’ more, there were more than 4,400 companies from 58 countries and regions including the United States, Russia, Germany, South Korea and India participating in the exhibition. According to statistics, more than 41,000 international professional visitors have visited the Expo. This international exhibition can effectively help Bao’an enterprises to explore overseas markets and further enhance Baoan’s international influence and popularity.



(V)Science and Technology Highlights

New technology assisted B-Expo 2018 to create a new exhibition type. Electronic Information Area, Intelligent Manufacturing Area, Artificial Intelligence Area, Big Data Area and other exhibiting areas have collected lots of modern technologies. For instance, Active cylindrical millimeter wave human body safety inspection instrument is the core product of China Communication Technology in the field of Terahertz security inspection, which is in the leading position at home and abroad; Oceanalpha exhibited its product "Polar Walker" on B-Expo 2018 which is a meritorious ship that has participated in the thirty-fourth Antarctic expedition. UTEK Technology’s mainstream innovation products such as independent innovation chip, communication adapter, serial server, industrial switch and other innovative products have won the strong support of the "national brand support plan" of CCTV. Yuto Technology owns a large number consumer electronics packaging, intelligent packaging products which show out sense of science and technology, design and eco-friendly philosophy, and have won the German iF Design Award, the Red Dot Design Award and other awards several times. Maxphotonics’ exhibiting product 12000W ultra high power multimode continuous fiber laser is the highest output power laser in China. While fully embodying the intelligent manufacturing level in Baoan District, B-Expo 2018 also provided the audience opportunity to experience "black technology" on the spot. For example, through MR immersive interactive virtual reality technology, the founder of Apple Steve Jobs appeared at the venue who has passed away for nearly 7 years. He did not only say Hi to audiences, but also discussed with guests about development of Bao’an’s intelligent industry, Shenzhen high-tech and the greater bay area. What’s more, B-Expo 2018 also applied 3D electronic sand table, ground LED interactive display, photo projection interactive wall and other technologies to achieve more intimate guidance and more intuitive display of the exhibition effect.


III. Main Event at B-Expo 2018

 In order to serve for the accurately docking of the demands of exhibitors and viewers, B-Expo 2018 has organized and held 97 professional and timely thematic activities, 40 of which were held in main exhibition halls and 57 were held in parallel sessions, covering many types such as project signing ceremonies, summit forums, procurement docking, new product launch, on-site talent selection, educational exhibition, medical experience, etc.


Forum 1: Era of Bay Area - Bao'an Industry Transformation and Upgrading Summit Forum

5 keynote speakers discussed challenges and opportunities for Bao’an’s industry transformation and upgrading in the new era of the Greater Bay Area. They are Michael Borchmann, Former Director General for European and International Affairs in the State Chancellery of Hesse, Germany, Senior Adviser Germany of CIIPA(G); Mr.Arkin Pariltan, Deputy General Manager of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG; Wei Jigang, Director of Research Office of Research Department of Industrial Economy of Development Research Center of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China; Chen Liang, GM in China, BARKAWI; Song Xuewu, General Manager of Jinda Data Co., Ltd.


Forum 2: 4.0 Conference on Electronic Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Mr. Eric Tomasman, Manager & Senior Researcher of three-dimensional optical detection research project, Germany Fraunhofer Industry Automation Research Institute;Dr. Wei Wei, Dean of Robotation Academy Foshan; Han Fuxue, Asia Product Application Manager of Harting; Qian Long, District Sale Manager of Staubli; Ma Bo, Marketing Manager of Jaten Robot; and Li Weigang, International Account Director of Lenze have attended this conference to share their insights about the electronics manufacturing industry.


Event 1: Signing Ceremony of Major Projects

Two signing ceremonies of major projects named "Attracting Large, Excellent and Good Enterprises" were held during the B-Expo 2018. Witnessed by leaders of Shenzhen Municipal Government, Bao’an District Government, Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee and Invest Shenzhen, 31 projects were signed in the two signing ceremonies with the total agreed investment valued at 76.06 billion yuan. These include 8 industrial projects, 4 industrial guidance fund projects, 3 urban renewal projects and 16 major street industrial projects, led by Apostle from Silicon Valley, SF Holdings and Oceanalpha, covering fields includes life and health, new materials, internet and intelligence manufacturing. With the large investment and wide range of fields covered, these projects will inject new vitality into Baoan's development.


Event 2: New Product Launch

A total of four New Product Launch were held at the B-Expo 2018. The launch of new products and new technologies and high-tech project financing roadshows were organized by industry and by time according to the Area plan. 19 high-tech companies with independent research and development capabilities were selected to launch their new products on site, including multi-color single-nozzle extruders with "break points in color wheel for color change", micro engines, high-precision fluxgate current sensors, SMAC series and SMAC-H series ceramic patch packaging products, intelligent sleep monitoring tapes, new wireless bluetooth headsets with wireless charging, Wi-Fi 2.0 product, smart Xiaoai children accompany educational robots, which intuitively demonstrated the powerful independent research and development capabilities of enterprises in Bao'an District and provided Baoan enterprises with better platforms and more development opportunities.


Event 3: The Internet in Change + Procurement Supply Chain Management Salon

The Internet in Change + Procurement Supply Chain Management Salon was successfully held at the B-Expo. Sun Yanbiao, president of the Mobile No.1 Research Institute; Cao Jinrong, honorary president of the Mobile Communications Purchasing Alliance; Bao Sanhua from Central Purchasing Department of Foxconn Group, and other distinguished guests held discussions on how can SMEs break through successfully under the impact of the surging of the Internet economy, how manufacturing enterprises can reduce costs and increase efficiency, and future development trend and pattern of consumer electronics industry and interact with the audience.


Event 4: Bao’an Talent Carnival

Events such as “Overseas Talents Direct Train” site selection, joint exhibition of Human Resource industry, on-site experience of HR service and interaction and master classes in HR field were held successfully in Education Industry Area to intensively display the qualified talent development environment of Bao’an District and the achievements and features of human resource work in Bao’an District so as to attract attention of talents both at home and abroad to Bao’an.


Event 5: Premiere of red micro film Bao' an 1928

To commemorate the 90th anniversary of the First Congress of Party Members of Bao' an County, Shenzhen's first red-themed micro film Bao'an 1928 premiered at the B-Expo 2018. The film is about 20 minutes long, supported by 2018 Special Funds for Party and Community Service at the Grassroots Level in Bao' an district, and co-presented by the Party & Labor Committee of Yan Luo street in Bao' an district and SZNEWS.COM. More than 100 viewers attended the premiere.


Event 6: Youth Positive Energy, Bao'an Famous School Show

A series of performances named Youth Positive Energy, Bao'an Famous School Show were held in the Education Industry Area in No. 6 exhibition hall of the B-Expo, covering choral, solo singing, Peking opera, martial arts, sword dancing, poem reciting and Chinese zither. More than 20 excellent programs were performed by teenagers from more than 20 primary and secondary schools in Bao' an, showing their talents, the cultural background of their schools and the new image of teenagers in Bao'an.


Event 7: Expert Medical Consultation Delivers Health

The activity Expert Medical Consultation Delivers Health, First Aid Skills Brought Home presented a comprehensive all-age-stage health service and the Medical and Healthcare Service Publicizing Program in Bao'an District. Free medical examination and medical consultation provided on site for viewers were welcomed.


Event 8: Interesting experience activities

Several enterprises in Artificial Intelligence Area presented a variety of Black Tech VR products, including Dream back to Shenzhou Spaceship, Tiangong-1, Pirate Ship, 8D Racing Car, VR Boating, Four-person Tank, etc., creating a VR carnival feast for the audience. Besides, in the New Product Launch Area Qingdao Beer held colorful activities such as Beer Drinking Race.


Event 9: Bao'an Intelligent Manufacturing Export Products Selection Conference

At the Baoan Intelligent Manufacturing Export Products Selection Conference, Amazon, Globalegrow, Going Overseas Alliance and DHGATE.COM helped companies develop overseas markets.


Event 10: Foreign VIP Buyers Matchmaking Meetings

B-Expo 2018 also held Foreign VIP Buyers Matchmaking Meetings. Overseas buyers from 16 countries and regions, including Russia and Ukraine, came to the B-Expo to negotiate with enterprises in Bao'an District. They paid great attention to China's innovations in intelligent electronics, intelligent robots, intelligent toys, intelligent household appliances, and vehicle recorders. The conference was held at a tight pace, with a warm atmosphere and full seats.


Event 11: “Praise for B-Expo” Top 10 High-quality Products Selection Activities and Awards Ceremony

In order to commend and publicize outstanding enterprises in Bao’an district, affirm and praise efforts and contributions made by enterprises for industrial development and actively encourage enterprises to go deep into the market and gain a firm foothold in the world, the organizing Committee of the B-Expo has specially established 4 Awards, including 10 Top Quality Products, 10 Top Remarkable Growth Enterprises, 10 Top Innovative Enterprises and 10 Top Brand Enterprises. Enterprises were evaluated by public online and by experts after they signed up. 40 enterprises were awarded on site. Visits of these evaluation activities online reached 1.10 million and the number of valid votes reached 2.53 million.



IV. Massive Publicity Efforts

In accordance with the requirements of Party committee and government of Bao'an District, Bao' an District Propaganda Department, Bao' an District Economic Promotion Bureau and Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association worked together to develop a detailed and thorough publicity plan to make full use of the influence of mainstream media, professional media, internet media and new media in a combinatorial manner to continuously improve the publicity coverage of the B-Expo. Since September 2017, cooperation has been reached with more than 100 professional media, more than 200 industry media and more than 100 activity information platforms in China, carrying out extensive and continuous reporting through various forms. The information of the B-Expo has been posted in real time on the Wechat Official Account, Official website, Micro Blog and Self-media Platform of B-Expo, releasing more than 2,000 publicity texts of relevant contents. Interactive games and award-winning activities such as Bao Absorbing Activity, Picture Shaking and B-Expo Hunt were held jointly with GD.QQ.COM and SZNEWS.COM, attracting increasing attention and further expand the influence of B-Expo. Invitation letters for over 300 exhibitors were made to initiate exhibitors' efforts for publicity. Important entrepreneurs were invited to endorse the B-Expo, and corresponding posters were made to be put into circulation to display the elegant demeanor of leading enterprises and outstanding entrepreneurs in key industries in Bao'an District. Advertisements of the B-Expo were posted in crowded areas such as Shenzhen subway, Shenzhen Airport and ports. Outdoor advertising for the B-Expo were designed and produced to be posted in 70 places, including major commercial areas ( Zhongdian Building on Shennan Avenue, Modern Window in Huaqiang North, Telecommunication Building in Nanshan Commercial Area, Bao' an Hai Ya Riotous Town), more than 50 office buildings, and 39 industrial parks in Bao' an district. Moving advertisements on buses running through Shennan Avenue, Binhe Avenue, Baoan Avenue and other main avenues were launched. Extensive and multi-angle publicity and promotion were carried out through international medias in 20 countries and regions including the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy and India. Before the exhibition, a news conference was held to set special columns for the B-Expo at Bao'an Radio and Television Center and Bao'an Daily Newspaper, and to coordinate the financial channel of Bao'an Radio and Television Group, Shenzhen Satellite TV and other media platforms to release the countdown announcement of the B-Expo. Propaganda video for the B-Expo were made and played on the Bao'an Radio and Television Center and outdoor display screens. Deep cooperation with the professional media team Nanyouquan were achieved to carry out publicity and promotion of the B-Expo in various forms and channels. During the exhibition, CCTV, Shenzhen Radio and Television Center and other television stations, 16 newspaper and magazines including People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Guangming Daily, Economic Daily and Nanfang Daily, as well as 8 new media including SZNEWS.COM, Shenzhen Weibo, GD.QQ.COM carried out a series of reports on the exhibition. Apps including Xinhua News Agency, Yi Shenzhen, Shenzhen Weibo, Baoan Radio and Television Center, Tencent News, Southern Plus broadcast the B-Expo live to present the industrial feast of Bao'an, the B-Expo, in an all-round, in-depth and multi-angle  manner.


V.  Outlook for B-Expo

As one of the frontiers of China’s Reform and Opening up Initiative, after 40 years of rapid development, Bao’an has built a solid industrial base, a strong industrial support, and an open economic structure. With the rise of the Great Bay Area and the formation of the City Group( Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Dongguan and Huizhou), Bao’an will usher in great development opportunities once again. In the new era, our association will learn from past experience to innovate ideas, system and methods in work, aiming at building a B-Expo that never ends and advancing the integration of Bao’an intelligent manufacturing into the development of the Great Bay Area by strengthening the competitiveness of Bao’an industries through our exhibitions.

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