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Smart Communication & IoT

Smart Communication & IOT

Exhibition Area:

RFID tag chip , antenna and equipment, standard card , special label, RFID measurement test instrument, RFID reader chip, IC chip, chip wafer production technology and related raw materials, PDA, car reader,active RFID products and systems, RFID middleware and RFID application system solutions, IC card and module materials,one-dimensional bar code printer, two-dimensional bar code printer, hand-held bar code scanner, platform bar code Fingerprint access control, fingerprint access control, fingerprint attendance access control, fingerprint U disk, fingerprint collection device, fingerprint reader, fingerprint tape, fingerprint mouse, fingerprint storage box, fingerprint mobile hard disk, fingerprint module, fingerprint POS machine, fingerprint recognition system,face recognition system, face recognition attendance machine, face recognition door video transmission equipment and cable,DVR, digital video recording equipment, monitor, display device, video recognition device, camera identification system, iris recognition system, iris recognition device,palm mark recognition system, camera, camera, CCTV video surveillance equipment, sensors, NB-IOT, LoRa, wireless LAN, UWB, Zigbee, near field communication, MESH, wimax, WIFI, high frequency RFID and other short-range data transmission ,self-organizing network of core products and equipment, heterogeneous network convergence, sensor network related interface, access gateway , transformers, batteries and uninterruptible power supply, dedicated wire and cable, service-oriented architecture (SOA), internet of things cloud, network and information security, mass data storage and processing, internet of things address coding, middleware, network integration, multi-functional integration, hardware and software interface software, operating systems, application software, middleware software...

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