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Numbers growing steadily for the exhibition industry


Dizzying numbers for the exhibition industry worldwide, that after the contraction recorded in the first years of economic crisis, is gradually beginning to go back on path.


According to a survey carried out by UFI, in the world there are 30,700 trade shows per year equal to 103 millions of sqm of net exhibition space, 2,8 millions of direct exhibitors and 260 millions of visitors.


The annual turnover, estimated by the consultant society Amr International, is around 27 billion of dollars.


Figures which testify the strategic importance of a sector that has as its aim to help companies to increase their business, by matching supply with demand and by multiplying the contact opportunities and the commercial growth. A unique showcase for the launch of new products or the strengthening of its historic brands.


Is in this scenario that makes its entry into the worldwide market FairAdvisor, the only portal that gives the possibility to companies (exhibitors and visitors) to review for the trade fairs they have taken part, becoming reliable witnesses of an experience lived on the field.


Experience that becomes the best guarantee to help the others to plan their participation to a trade fair, both  in terms of visitors or by reserving an exhibition area.


With FairAdvisor, every user can become a true star, telling firsthand his/her experience at the show and leaving his/her own indelible trace.


Today, the trade fair' organizers have a valuable ally: FairAdvisor!


What are the elements that influence participation in a fair, both as a visitor and exhibitor?


Knowing this answer, especially for the trade fairs organizers, is of fundamental importance. Knowing how the choices of their target are orientated helps in fact to maximize the potential of the shows, which you work for months making them more effective.


Today, who organizes trade fairs, have a valuable ally, a new tool to refer to. It is FairAdvisor, the first portal that allows trade exhibitors and trade visitors to review any fair in the world they have taken part.


Knowing and discovering in advance what participants of "their own" exhibitions think and say may become a precious tool that the organizers can take advantage to make the best choices and satisfy their  customers.


The Tripadvisor® Model for exhibitions: here it comes the online vote for visitors and exhibitors



This is FairAdvisor: the Tripadvisor® concept for the exhibitions world.


Just as in the popular website it is possible to give your opinion regarding hospitality and travel services, in the same way the FairAdvisor users (visitors and exhibitors of exhibitions) have the possibility to leave their review related to their fair experience and providing valuable advice to the organizers.


Has it been a fair full of innovative products and services? Has it been possible to meet the latest new products released on the market? Has it been a great idea to exhibit with your own booth?


If the answer is either positive or negative, on FairAdvisor it is possible to leave your own trace, as to be reliable witnessed of what was experienced at the fair and advise, or why not, even not advice to do the same.


With a couple of clicks, you can review worldwide trade fairs


FairAdvisor gives you the possibility to select thousands of fairs worldwide just through a few clicks. You can check other users' comments (exhibitors and visitors) and leave your personal testimony. A huge database and constantly updated.


A precious compass to compare the several events going on in Italy and above all overseas, especially in emerging countries BRICS, and to choose the event more aligned with their own business strategies.


A unique and reliable instrument to evaluate whether or not it is convenient to take part to a fair.


Nowadays, there are thousands of exhibitions and the actual market is really fragmented. It is getting harder for companies to assess the return on investment connected with their participation to a trade fair rather than another.


There are too many "clone" trade fairs, which makes really complicated to select the best one, or the most international one that guarantee a good ROI.


From their sides, the organizers promote their event as the best one, divulgating facts & figures not always supported by a real matching.


That's why FairAdvisor was born, to fill this gap, to try to eliminate all differences in information that arise on the market and are related to each exhibition.

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