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Shenzhen Public Service Platform for Logistics Enterprises’ Launching Drew Mass Attention

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With the number of registered members soaring to over 40000, Shenzhen Public Service Platform for Logistics Enterprises drew mass attention. According to Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association (LSCMA), its official operator, this platform is designed to help logistics enterprises to enhance their business with unlimited business opportunities simply by searching online.

Shenzhen Public Service Platform for Logistics Enterprises ( was officially launched from October 16th, 2013, and was reported by a large scale of mainstream media such as Economic Daily, Xinhuanet,,, etc. right away on the same day. There are mainly 4 sub-platforms provided, namely Logistics Info Platform, Logistics Resources Searching Platform, Brand Promoting Platform and Logistics Financing Platform, offering public services such as latest policies in the industry, related information, releasing and searching of logistics demands for logistics enterprises.

Accurate Information & Convenient Searching

A button “Resources Map” is easily found on the home page of Shenzhen Public Service Platform for Logistics Enterprises, simply by clicking it, information like Warehousing, Ports, Airports, and Logistics Parks etc. will be presented on the page, where warehousing information of most big and medium-sized cities can be accessed to. For example, enter “Futian-Shenzhen”, 30 warehouses are presented on a HD map with specific locations and contact information in place.

Free Registration & Information Accuracy Guarantee

Currently, the registered members totaled 400. According to LSCMA, for either logistics providers or purchasers, it’s free to become a member. They can either release or search for supply or demand information so that further contacts will be conducted between them for cooperation.

More importantly, all information released by enterprises will be examined and verified by third-party system to guarantee the accuracy, which saves a lot of time and effort for users.

Data Analysis: the Indicator for Domestic and International Market

In addition to above, a service “Economic Monitoring” is also available on the platform, which is provided by Shenzhen Modern Supply Chain Management Research Institute. The service allows users to access to the latest data analysis reports with regard to General Statistics, Purchase Manager Index, National and Regional Logistics Statistics, etc.

By referring to related data, enterprises are able to get to know the latest domestic and international economic situation and the trend of logistics industry, which enables them to make strategies and policies more scientifically.

Window of the Alliance: Promotion Platform for Regional Cooperation

The platform also has a column called “Window of the Alliance”, providing links to 231 logistics associations nation-wide and information of regional cooperation and business opportunities. This promotes the co-development in regional logistics and meantime offers an access to real-time communication and information sharing.


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