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Four Points of Significance of the “Baoan Expo”

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The Baoan Industry Development Expo is of great significance. 

Firstly, exhibit Baoan District’s advanced experience in industry chain, innovative concept and prominent achievement, rapidly expand Baoan’s popularity and effectively replicate and promote the Baoan experience nationwide.

Secondly, display the fine business environment of Baoan, attract excellent enterprises and top-level talents in the worldwide to come and develop in  Baoan and to optimize Baoan's industrial chain system into high-end oriented, intelligentized and environmental. 

Thirdly, have a profound cooperation with national institutions to allow Baoan to become the test field of innovative initiatives, enhance its soft power and expand its radiation and influence to play a leading role in the country.

Last but not the least, comprehensively improve the status of Baoan's  value chain, gradually develop Baoan into regional center integrated by industry chain, supply chain and value chain and establish the new image of new highland of Baoan industry.

Baoan Daily  Reporter/Lin Ziquan

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